Help with vehicle sales

You want to sell your car? We are here to help you!

Our goal

Our goal is to save customers money and time through our daily experience. When selling vehicles, we often trade for thousands of euros and easily get them cheaper. To avoid this, MM-MechanikerMeinung UG offers a solution for both parties.
We put ourselves in the middle of getting the correct price and security.

Your advantages

  • 01.
    We help you with vehicle sales
  • 02.
    We are not dealers
  • 03.
    To have unnecessary conversations
  • 04.
    Real market value
  • 05.
    Stress-free selling
  • 06.
    Save from unnecessary price trading
  • 07.
    We conduct professional discussions

You can rely on me. Just call!

How does the whole
thing work?

  • We arrive on site and check your vehicle. Clarify the real value of vehicles with our customers. Take decent photos of their vehicle.
  • The vehicle can still be used, it does not stay with us.
  • The vehicle can still be used, it does not stay with us.
  • Put vehicle in open networks and give our contacts.
  • As soon as we find the honest buyer, we will get back to you. We are of course there when you inspect the vehicle.
  • We go through the whole conversation. Let's check the purchase contract. We are available to answer any questions you may have.