Assessment of the car in an accident

Vehicle appraiser for Munich and the surrounding area

Have you had an accident? Before you inform the opposing insurance company, you should obtain an independent report.
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In three short steps
to your report

  • 01. Preparation of the report
    • From the accident:
      Date, place, time & event
    • From you:
      Copy of your vehicle registration document
    • From the opponent:
      Registration number, name & address Declaration of assignment
  • 02. On-site assessment

    I will come to you as quickly as possible, inspect your vehicle carefully and record any damage.

  • 03. Report within 24 hours

    After recording the damage, I will prepare the report for you directly and send it to you within 24 hours.

You can rely on me. Just call!

What does a vehicle appraiser do?

He will take a close look at the damage to your vehicle caused by the accident and then prepare an accident report. To do this, all defects that can be proven to be attributable to the accident are documented and the effort required for a repair is calculated.

The report created serves as a basis for you to have the vehicle professionally repaired or to have the expected repair costs reimbursed by the opposing vehicle insurance company. The vehicle appraiser not only assesses the damage caused in a car accident, but also the value of your vehicle before and after the accident.

Process of creating
an accident report
  • 01.
    Make an appointment with your vehicle expert
  • 02.
    Assessment by the vehicle expert
  • 03.
    Preparation of the vehicle report
  • 04.
    Dispatch of the report
  • 05.
    Claims settlement